Today’s Highlights

Today was a beautiful day.

The boys spent considerable time playing outside.

They played in the front yard chasing each other with water guns.

Elisha drew lines on the cement with sidewalk chalk and the boys took turns following the lines.

We weeded the garden out front. We discussed insects.

We worked on the beginnings of backyard cleanup today. The boys helped with the pulling up of some of the dead things. We have been discussing what to plant and where to plant it. The theme this year is a sensory garden. We want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. We have been discussing what types of plants attract those types of animals. We want a very smelly and touchy garden. We also want many vegetables and herbs in the garden this year. We created a new path in the garden. We discussed why we walk on the path and not on the freshly turned over dirt (that will soon contain seeds and flowers). The boys all enjoyed finding large worms and pill bugs.

The boys played in the area behind our house with the neighbourhood kids. Elisha tried his hand at skateboarding. The boys all played Frisbee. Moses and Malachi rode tricycles and I caught a glimpse of Moses riding a bicycle with training wheels. He thought that was a cool idea.

It was such a beautiful day we just had to spend the time outside and enjoy it.

The babies came and sat outside in their highchairs as the yard is not safe for them yet (that is the goal).

Moses and Malachi both got much needed hair cuts this afternoon.

Moses and I reviewed number words. We reviewed the days of the week. We reviewed the months of the year. We worked on identifying money words. We discussed coin values. We played an addition math game. We discussed nouns and verbs. We used a chart to categorize some nouns and verbs. We read through the stories that Malachi and Elisha wrote. Moses asked (practically begged) to write one of his own. He went to bed dreaming about what to write.

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