I wanted to ease back into our school and keep things simple and fun today. This sort of worked.

Elisha reviewed his 1x tables. Elisha completed a simple worksheet.

Moses reviewed his 1+ table. Moses completed a simple worksheet. We discovered that Moses got stuck on “0” so we reviewed that.

Malachi reviewed the numbers 1-10. Malachi is still focusing on 1-5, but catching on much better. He completed 2 very simple worksheets focusing on the numbers 1-5.

Language Arts

It was like pulling teeth to get them to participate in a group project today even though it was supposed to be fun. In hopes of getting some creative writing out of the boys I had them brainstorm some nouns, verbs, and prepositions with me to do with the topics of snow, winter, and Christmas. It turned out to be quite enjoyable with some very silly answers.


The children had time outside with daddy for PE today. They are attempting to play games and learn ball handling skills (and burn off some energy). Elisha was a bit resistant to the transition of going outside and just plain cranky today. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Native North Americans

Today we read from various resources about the Pacific Northwest Coast Natives (a resource list will come). We discussed how this native group travels (mainly using a variety of different canoes). The boys even sewed their own canoes out of cardboard and thread. The canoes were painted. We will finish the painting tomorrow. This lesson and activity seemed to be enjoyed by all. (hoping for photos to come!).

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  1. Hi! It sounds like the schooling is going well so far this week. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the canoes the boys made.

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