Elisha worked on his 6 and 7 times tables.

Moses played an adding and subtracting game.

Malachi played a counting game. We are still working on counting 0-5.

Language Arts
Today we had a group discussion for our Language Arts. We discussed writing stories. We talked about answering the questions – Who – What – When – Why – Where – How – when you are writing a story. We talked about the beginning, middle and ending of stories. Jonah read a story and the boys picked out the – Who – What – When – Why – Where and – How. We also discussed the beginning, middle, and ending of the story. It was a very good class today.

PE/Field Trip

Jonah took the boys for a long walk today. Along the way they stopped at the drugstore, the computer store, the grocery store and got to talk to a police officer who was tending to traffic and watching for people who were running red lights.

Native Studies

Today for our native studies we had another homeschool family join us. We discussed the shelters of the Pacific Northwest Coast Natives that we are studying. We also discussed the food they ate and how they gathered it. We made spears. We played a game with our spears throwing them through a hoop. We watched a video from United Streaming called “Native Americans: People of the Northwest Coast.” For the boys this was the second time we had seen this, but it was a good review. Through out the day the boys had also taken time working on the plankhouse (longhouse).

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