Mondays always seem to be slow start days. It looked like nothing would get done, but turned out to be a fairly productive day.


Malachi, Moses, Grandma and I played a game. Instead of working on worksheets I created a game using dice, counters, and paper and pencil. Malachi worked on his counting 0-5 and Moses worked on his adding and subtracting. It was a nice change from the worksheet.

Elisha was interested in the 10 x tables today. He was very reluctant at first to do the printing, but when we went to a quiet place away from everyone he finished his printing and multiplying without too much effort.

Language Arts

We completely forgot to do our Language Arts today as we got so wrapped up playing our math game.


It was another rainy day in Victoria. I worked on catching a ball with each of the boys individually today.

Native Studies

We worked on our Native Studies again today (this is a year long project). Today we talked about longhouses. We looked at longhouses on the computer. We started to build a cardboard longhouse as a group. We discussed the design and did some planning. We also watched some native dances on the computer. We discussed what other crafts we would like to complete before we finish with the Pacific Northwest Coast Indians. Moses would like to make masks and soap carving was discussed (in place of stone carving).


We snuck in a bit of science today without trying. Moses was building levers with knex today and some of his designs were amazing (we could not find the camera or their would be pictures – we have found it now though). Elisha has made some really neat designs with his knex. When he is building with knex he is very focused. We also watched some videos of roller coasters that people built out of knex.

That is it for today. I am off to plan tomorrow and start planning Thursday’s co-op.

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