This Week’s Highlights

This week has been exceptionally busy. I did not have time to make individual daily posts like I had hoped, but I kept notes about the highlights of our week.

We watched a cake competition and designed cakes on paper.

The boys helped with gardening. The boys had extensive outdoor play.

Hosanna had pediatrician appointment that all the boys tagged along for.

I had the brilliant idea to add houseplants to our family home. The desire was to increase the air quality and add some sensory experiences to our environment. We picked up some free Christmas Cacti from someone on This led to amazing discussions about different types of plants and how they grow. The boys loved the many cactus plants and are feeling them and touching them. It has been a great addition so far. Both Moses and Elisha expressed interest in having plants in their bedrooms. We discussed the need to repot the plants and give them some fresh soil. Then we were able to pick up a cutting from a wandering jew plant. This led to a a great discussion about how to root plant cuttings in water and plant them in soil afterward. We were also able to collect some other cuttings from a few other plants. We have been looking at and watching the plants root in water. We will begin transplanting them soon.

Once a month I go to a moms group for mom’s of special needs kids. This time I thought it would be nice if my mom came with me and the babies. My dad and Jonah took the boys to McDonald’s and then Mount Doug Park. The boys had a wonderful time down at the beach at Mount Doug Park.

The babies have been trying to learn how to walk. In his daring attempts to walk Zion cut his eye open on the baby gate. It has since healed well, but I was worried for a couple of days there. The boys have been really good at helping to keep the babies safe.

Jonah and I and the babies went to a memorial service for a family who just lost their week old baby girl. She had some complications which they knew about before she was born. I really feel for this family. This led to a discussion about death with Elisha.

Thursday was going to be a relax and do laundry and dishes kind of day to get ready for the cousins coming over tonight. We discovered our water was shut off this morning. Apparently a pipe had burst and was flooding someone’s basement and they had to shut off the whole complex. This led to looking in the hole dug by the workers and discussion about how and why the pipe had broken. So much for relaxing and laundry and dishes. The kids were thirsty and wanting something to drink. We went to the church where my dad cooks a community dinner. We had lunch there. Then we went to Fleming Beach and Macauly Point and walked around there for a couple of hours while the babies slept in the stroller. The boys explored the beach and discovered many things – sea worms, crabs, rock climbers, seagulls, discussed habitats, the kids explored the batteries there. We went back to the church where my dad cooks the community dinner and had dinner. Then we went home just in time for my sister’s kids to show up. Played outside, played dress up, watched a movie. It was a very enjoyable day.

Friday Elisha had his OT appointment. The OT is really great, but she had to work very hard to get Elisha to focus on his tasks.

Lots more happened this week, but I can’t remember it all.

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