This Week’s Highlights

Try as I might to post daily it just does not happen. Here is another week of highlights.

This week we have been working on yard clean up. The weather has finally turned somewhat nice so everyone wants to be spending more time outdoors. The boys have been helping with throwing out broken things (like plant pots that exploded when the dirt in them froze and toys that were left outside).

We have really been enjoying lots of outside play lately. They have had some play with the neighbour kids.

We have been working on garden planning and planting. We have been discussing which vegetables to plant and where to plant them (based on their sun needs). We have been discussing which vegetables they would like to eat from the garden.

We have been discussing sentences. What makes a sentence? We have specifically focused capital letters and periods. We have had fun making up funny sentences.

Elisha and Moses have been working on math word problems.

Moses has been working on word endings. We have discussed ed, s, and ing. We will need to review these again.

We discussed the lifecycles of penguins, great white shark, and bats. We looked at the differences in their lifecycles (one is a bird, one is a fish, one is a mammal).

We had Elisha’s OT appointment this week. It was a very informative meeting to discuss the testing that she has been doing with him. I didn’t learn too much new information, but it did confirm everything I was already concerned about and aware of. This confirmation was a good thing because now it is on paper and not just the over concerned mama.

Elisha went on a long walk with daddy during the OT visit this week.

Malachi went on the paper route with daddy this week (the paper route is a new thing). He got to see inside the newspaper place and help out with delivering some of the papers.

Daddy and Elisha and Moses went to drop off a free lawnmower at my sister’s house (recycling, reusing, etc). It had been found on the side of the road.

The cousins came over for a play date. They played outside. They had snack and watched a movie.

The boys played dress up this week.

Elisha made really creative structures with Duplo.

I am sure there was much more that I could have posted about, but I simply can’t remember it all.

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