The Cleaning Game

I just wanted to share a bit about The Cleaning Game.

I woke up in the middle of the night one night with the idea for “The Cleaning Game.” Normally, if I wake with ideas I will open up the laptop and type them out (it saves me from having to find a pen and paper in the dark), but this night I was so tired I just tried to keep the idea in my head until morning. I think I dreamed about “The Cleaning Game” all night. When I woke in the morning I wrote “The Cleaning Game” all out and was very excited with the results.

This morning I played a few different variations of “The Cleaning Game” with my children and they kept asking for more. I don’t know if it was the game they loved or the jellybeans? I got so much work out of my children this morning for very little effort on my part. They all got their basic 4 square game boards filled with simple morning routine tasks. Then they raced to see who could finished first. They proceeded through their tasks very quickly and asked for more – hello – who asks for more chores?

I made up another set of game boards for downstairs (the main living area) and the living room got picked up and the dishes got done. They played a dice game doing more basic morning chores (in preparation for going out). Then one played another dice game and cleaned up the bathroom and another played a dice game and cleaned up the upstairs hallway.

So far “The Cleaning Game” has been a huge success around our house. I think I need to add some more sample game boards to the package to give everyone more ideas on how to use “The Cleaning Game.”

Please share in the comments how you have used “The Cleaning Game.”

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