I can’t believe we have come to term 3 already. Wow! this year has sure gone by fast. I have some ideas for term 3 – but we’ll see how things go.

Here are the basics –

Wisdom Words (from Weaver – AO)

-working through grades 1-3 for everyone


-I have a large selection of books that I would like to read aloud with the boys this term in preparation for Sonlight next year. These include all the wonderful books from Winter Promise and from Noeo Science and a few other great finds.

Science Scope (Kathryn Stout)

-working through all the primary and maybe primary intermediate of most topics (leaving the human body for next year as I want to do this in depth for Moses – he loves medical stuff). We will see how much we get covered this term.

-we will use all the lovely science books we this year for our readings in areas as they come up or as Read Alouds. We will also use the science experiment kits as the topics come up.

Other Science (Unit Studies)

-we hope do our yearly unit on gardening, seeds, plants, insects, etc by planting a home school friendly hands on garden (this will tie in with Science Scope)

-we hope to do a unit on birds (this will tie in with Science Scope)

Native Indians of North America (Donna Ward and Winter Promise)

-we will continue working through this and hope to cover all the major areas by the end of the year.

Math (Unit Studies)

-here are some things I want to cover this term for all the kids at their different levels – Money, Fractions, Time, Measurement, as well as working on the basic facts (I am sure there was more, but my notebook is downstairs).

The theme for TERM 3 is to keep it simple and get lots accomplished. We also want to spend as much time as possible outside when the weather is nice.

It is my goal to post here as often as I am able and to keep the posts as detailed as possible.

Here’s to TERM 3!

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