O Christmas Tree

We set up our tree a few nights ago and I haven’t had a chance to post about it yet. There has been so much going on around here, but I didn’t forget. So, here is my post (and some pictures) of our fun adventure.

Here is daddy stringing the Christmas lights around the tree.

Daddy Stringing Lights

Moses putting the star on the tree (with Daddy’s help).

Daddy, Elisha, Moses, and Malachi

Daddy, Moses, and Malachi

Elisha and Malachi

Daddy and Moses


Our Tree


The twins’ first close up look at the new tree. This is their first real Christmas.

Hosanna and Zion





Well, there you have it! I grabbed the best pictures to post up here. The camera was acting up (some child changed the settings) and half of the pictures were blurry (super high speed – everyone looked like they were running around).

The twins have been so good about the tree. I almost didn’t have one this year because I thought it would be a disaster. We decided that the twins are allowed to touch the ornaments, but not take them off the tree. They go up and touch and look, but don’t take anything off. They are great about it. There is a bell on the tree that Zion likes to go up and ring. I was wondering why they are so good with the tree – maybe it is because they have 3 older brothers who police the tree and keep them out of it?

I know there are none of me… sorry… I was behind the camera all night.

I realized this week that I really miss taking pictures. I have not taken any for a long time. I have some more to download from another day and I’ll see if there are any suitable for posting.

Merry Christmas!

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