Note To Self:

send the domain payment in early next year!

Sorry to be missing in action AGAIN!

Our domain payment came due and we paid it, but apparently we didn’t leave enough time for the payment to clear from our bank – to – “the company”.

We are back and planning the new year!

This morning, I took a few moments and locked myself in the bedroom to write a come back blog post. Well, we don’t actually have a lock on the bedroom door, so I just kind of hid in there until someone found me. That someone was two little pairs of feet coming running for their morning nummies. I had penned a few words, but nothing too special. I planned to sneak a few more moments to myself to solidify my thoughts… but those moments never came. Later in the afternoon, I ended up falling asleep after reading a science dictionary (the human body section) with Moses. And then up came the two little pairs of feet for their afternoon nummies and the writing remained unfinished, again. We have this song we sing – who wants mamanums, I want mamanums, mamanumma numma nummanums. I know, it’s silly, but if you heard the giggles and saw the smiles and goofy grins it brings, you might sing it too (okay, maybe not). The babes are singing it now. They come up and go “mamanums” and bring pillows and point and beg for blankets. It is so precious. I love those moments. See how easy it for me to get distracted by the babies! I am distracted just thinking about them.

I wanted to write and say that I missed you all over Christmas. I had all these things planned to blog about over the holidays and I couldn’t. Instead, we enjoyed a break. We savored moments as a family. We had a ton of fun.

I must admit that I did feel lost without my blog (yes, even I did not have access to it). It was kind of weird. I save all kinds of things as rough drafts for my own use and possible future blog posts that I didn’t have access too. My kids missed the Kid Links.

I can’t look back… I can only move forward… I want to put this year behind and pray for a great year in 2010.

I look forward to being able to support and bless each one of you and be there for you in whatever way you need as you continue on with your homeschool journey. I look forward to change (it is coming) and more great downloads to giveaway.

So… welcome back. I am glad you decided to join me again.

6 thoughts on “Note To Self:”

  1. Honey, no worries hun, it happens to the best of us. As for cuddles with the babies, that always should come first! :) Have a blessed new year, and I am looking forward to what your creative mind comes up with.

    Be blessed

  2. Welcome back! You were missed. I had hardly just found you and suddenly you were gone! So glad it was just a billing glitch. We have had our own dealing with those around here. . .

    Happy New Year!

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