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I was going to send email responses to the comments on my previous post(which is how I usually respond to comments), but today, I thought I would respond with a new post.  This is in response to the comments on my previous post on making gift tags.

Thanks for your comments Diane. Great ideas.

Betsy – with your silver glitter and glue, the first idea that comes to mind is a circle (like a glittery Christmas bauble only flat!). Then punch a hole in the top and attach some ribbon or string.

Here is another idea for a gift tag that I thought I would share with you. We used them Christmas ornaments on our tree one year, but they would work just as well as gift tags.

Cut a circle out of construction paper (or any colored paper). Cut the same size circle out of a piece of wrapping paper. Cut the wrapping paper circle in half. Glue half of the wrapping paper circle onto the colored paper. Then put glitter across the flat edge of the wrapping paper. Wait until everything dries and punch a hole in the top of the circle. Attach a ribbon and you’re good to go.

Here is another really simple idea:

Print off some simple Christmas shapes as templates. I print them right onto construction paper or card stock. Cut them out. Decorate them however you want (have fun – think outside the box). Punch holes in them. Attach any kind of string, ribbon, wool, etc.

Here is a link to some Christmas shapes (in case someone needs them):

First School has a really nice collection of basic shapes that could be used as gift tags.

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