Malachi had a fever this morning so he missed calendar time and math today. The babies both had fevers and are teething too.

Calendar Time

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My husband is American so we celebrate all the American and all the Canadian special days. We watched a video called “Martin Luther King Day second edition” from United Streaming. We completed worksheets from Enchanted Learning.

We discussed the upcoming inauguration of Obama tomorrow.

Elisha worked on the 8 times tables.

Moses worked on the 4 plus tables.

Language Arts
Today we discussed writing sentences. We talked about using capital letters and punctuation marks. We worked through 2 worksheets orally.

The boys went for a long walk.

Native Studies
The boys worked on finishing their longhouse. The boys made totem poles today. We took pictures (I need to post them here). The boys started work on their native notebooks. They will only be making a couple of pages for each native group they study this year.


The boys have been building with knex and lego today.

Notes to Myself

-take and post photos of the paper village
-take photos of the plankhouse
-prepare for wrappng up the Pacific Northwest Coast Natives unit and moving on
-prepare for Co-op this week (simple machines – screws, wheel and axle)
-post pictures of last week’s science class

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