Morning Meeting

-Bible Reading – Proverbs 1:10-15
-Worship – Jesus Loves Me , Jesus Loves Me, How Great Thou Art, Tis So Sweet, Blessed Assurance, I Stand Amazed, I Need Thee Every Hour
-discuss what we are doing today
-discuss house rules again
-discuss chores and how everyone is part of a family and needs to contribute
-discuss the weather and how it will affect our day
-visit the Weather Network and discuss weather in other places


-visit The Learning Calendar and discuss this day in history
-Moses and Malachi spend time on Starfall using this calendar activity
-put calendar pieces on our calendar
-discuss any special days


-A Family Treasury – Classic Bible Stories – page 12
-The course #3 (Adam and Eve) from here Calvary Curriculum
-Watch creation video from here


-Malachi is working on counting 1-5 (print 1-5 worksheets from Learning Page)

-Malachi can play this counting activity

-Malachi can play this number line activity

-Moses is working on the 8+ (print 8+ page)

-Moses can play Cone Crazy to practice his adding.

-Moses can play Adding Bricks to practice his adding.

-Elisha can play Connect Four to practice his multiplication

-Elisha can practice his multiplication here

Language Arts

-Introduce novel – Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

-Malachi can visit Starfall today.

-Malachi can match the sounds here today

Native Studies

Arctic Natives

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