Making Gift Tags

In the interest of creating a more homemade Christmas, I had the bright idea to make my own gift tags. I had a really fun evening being creative.

I took some bright colored card stock from Micheals and folded it in half length wise and cut. Then I folded each side (so there would be four little cards) and I cut again. I used some really cute Christmas themed scrapbooking stickers that I bought at the dollar store. I placed the stickers on and then I hole punched the tags. And I finally found a use for that Christmas colored yarn (red, green, white, and red/green/white) that I found at the thrift store. The result was a large bag full of really cute Christmas gift tags.

Gift Tag Gift Tag Gift Tag

I had a few scrapbooking bits from a Christmas scrapbooking set that I got at the dollar store and I made a few extra gift tags from them as well, also using the hole punch and yarn.

What crafty thing are you doing this Christmas?

3 thoughts on “Making Gift Tags”

  1. That sounds like a fun way to make gift tags! Here are a couple of other ways to make them: Go through some old Christmas cards and find some pictures from them, to cut out. Take a piece of card stock and cut out a piece twice the size of a picture you want to use. Fold the card stock piece in half so it opens like a little card. (The edge can be either on the top of the card, or the left side.) Glue the picture onto the card stock. On the inside of the card, write who the gift is to and who it is from.

    Pictures cut out from wrapping paper, or little sections of wrapping paper with pretty designs on them can also be used, either for the way you described, or the way I just described.

    To save money, you may also be able to get enough card stock from sections of old Christmas cards, to make the tags.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention above, after you write on the gift tags (made from either old Christmas card pictures or pieces of wrapping paper), use either 2-sided tape, or take regular tape and roll it so you get it sticky on both sides, and stick it onto the back of the gift tag, and stick the tag onto the gift.

  3. We could really use some gift tags right now – what great ideas! I don’t have any Christmas stickers but i do have a large container of silver glitter and glue. …We might end up with monogrammed gift tags or ones with the star of Bethlehem! :)

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