Making Gift Tags

In the interest of creating a more homemade Christmas, I had the bright idea to make my own gift tags. I had a really fun evening being creative.

I took some bright colored card stock from Micheals and folded it in half length wise and cut. Then I folded each side (so there would be four little cards) and I cut again. I used some really cute Christmas themed scrapbooking stickers that I bought at the dollar store. I placed the stickers on and then I hole punched the tags. And I finally found a use for that Christmas colored yarn (red, green, white, and red/green/white) that I found at the thrift store. The result was a large bag full of really cute Christmas gift tags.

Gift Tag Gift Tag Gift Tag

I had a few scrapbooking bits from a Christmas scrapbooking set that I got at the dollar store and I made a few extra gift tags from them as well, also using the hole punch and yarn.

What crafty thing are you doing this Christmas?