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I have always had an unschooling (learning through living) kind of streak in me. I have to keep restraining it to get school done. hehehe.  I have been to the Living Math page before and been quite intrigued. A comment was left on my website from Four Little Penguins with a link to THIS PAGE. I read her post and went to visit the original post on Jimmie’s Collage called, “Set the Manipulatives Free.” They were both very interesting reads and resonated with my inner longings to follow the natural learning and curiosity of  my kids.

I am not sure quite what I am going to do for our homeschool, but for this weekend… I have set the manipulatives free.

Elisha created patterns with geoboards. He compared 1 gram blocks on the scale. The scale is out.

Moses did weight comparisons with 1 gram blocks on the scale. He used the geoboards and created patterns. He created patterns on the 100’s chart. He used tangram pieces to create various shapes.

Malachi did weight comparisons with plastic teddy bears. He used the 100’s board to practice counting with the plastic bears. He did one to one comparisons with counting squares and the plastic bears.

It is amazing how much learning happens when we aren’t trying. If only they knew they were doing school on a Sunday afternoon. hehehe.

I really hope to explore this idea more. I like the idea of the manipulatives being free. It made for a very peaceful couple of hours.

What do you do with your math manipulatives? Have you set them free?

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