I Sewed A Dress Today!

I did another hard thing today!

I sewed a dress for my baby girl (she’s 19 months already) using a pattern from Squiggly Twigs. I had been planning to use the Pretty Peasant Dress Pattern a long time ago and let fear stop me. Well, I did it. I made Hosanna’s dress  in a little over an afternoon nap time. I found the instructions very simple and easy to follow.

My next project is to sew a dress in the same fabric for Hosanna’s Christmas doll. The dress for the doll will be a VERY simple pattern (out of my head).

Hopefully, I will also have time tonight for the Cute and Quick Pants Pattern (also from Squiggly Twigs).

Pictures will be coming soon! I promise! We just need to find the camera first.

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