I Sewed A Doll

I did another hard thing!

I found a pattern on-line HERE. I printed the pattern out and cut it up.

I chose the fabric for the body from my stash. I have an amazing stash of fabric that I need to use up.

I ironed the fabric. If you know me… I don’t iron. hehehe. I buy NOTHING for anyone in my household that requires ironing. I did a hard thing and learned how to iron.

I traced the pattern on my newly ironed fabric and then I cut it out.

I grabbed my laptop and brought it to the table (where the sewing machine was) so that I could follow along on the tutorial.

I sewed the pattern. It was mostly easy to follow. I had a hard time with a couple of steps because I think that the tutorial skipped over them.

Then I got out the wool and attached the hair following THIS tutorial on another website. It was so easy. I am only hoping that I tied the knots tight enough to withstand the twins (okay and maybe the big boys too).

Today during morning nap, I showed the big boys the doll. They seemed to like her. They were kind of upset that I wouldn’t let them play with her.

The next job (during afternoon nap time – right this very minute) is to make Hosanna (my daughter) her dress and then make a dress for her doll. I don’t know if one nap time will be enough to finish all of that? It took me 4 hours last night just to make the doll. I really do want to finish her present today, so it may be another late night tonight. The things mothers do to make Christmas special. If only I had known when I was young….

I hope to have a picture for you soon… I want to wait until she has a dress though…

What are you making for Christmas this year?

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