I Did A Hard Thing!

I have been thinking about a previous post that I wrote called, “Do Hard Things.”

Something that I have been putting off for fear that it would be hard, is sewing. It has been about 20 years since I did any sewing other than minor mending. I could quite literally say that I was afraid of sewing. I have been wanting to sew, inspired to create, but I just couldn’t. I had all of these excuses…. but today… I pushed through them. I did a hard thing.

My husband pulled out the machine. I taught myself to thread the machine (it was an old clunker from freecycle). At first, all it would do was zigzags. Those were zigzags that I was very proud of (and pretty straight, too). I called my sister who taught me to reverse to finish the edge. When I reversed and finished the edge, the machine started sewing properly (no more zigzag!).

After my little zigzag lines, I cut out 2 squares (the same size) and grabbed some ribbon. I made a small taggie blanket for Zion. He is forever grabbing my tags while nursing. Can you imagine my excitement when I finished that and realized that I had sewed something. I made something and without a pattern. I was running through the house all excited that I could sew.  I am so excited.

When I started today to fiddle with the machine, I decided that I would give myself today (during the twins nap time). If I couldn’t get the machine threaded and sew some rows, it would have to wait until after Christmas. I had visions of making things for Christmas with the machine, but I knew that I couldn’t spend the next two weeks just learning how to thread it.

I am very proud of myself (in a good way!). I challenged myself to do something hard and I did it!

So, here it is… My little, mini, taggie blanket.


What fear do you need to face? What hard thing do you need to do or want to do?