I Am Sewing!

I got brave and started working on other Christmas gifts. I can’t share what they are or any pictures sorry – they are supposed to be a surprise.

I tackled another hard thing for me…. ironing! I never buy anything that requires ironing – I haven’t in 10 years. Ironing isn’t really all that hard. It is really amazing how we can trick ourselves into believing that we won’t be able to do something because it is too hard.

I have another project that I want to attempt. To me it is a big hard thing, but I am going to try it anyways. If it is a success, I will share pictures and write a blog post about it (after Christmas!).

I always come across these really amazing blogs, with the most scrumptious activities and ideas, and I am scared to try (scared of failing if I do try). Enough of that. I am going to push myself (maybe just a little bit for now).

What do you need to push yourself to do? Is there something that you are wanting to attempt, but you need to overcome some obstacle (maybe fear?) first?

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