Fun Christmas Ornaments To Make With Your Kids

Are you looking for some last minute Christmas gifts?

Maybe you need some things to do while you hang out with the kids before Christmas?

I went on a hunt to find some great (but simple) Christmas Ornaments to make with my kids. I found some amazing picture tutorials and thought I would share them with you just in case you are looking for something to do.

Here are some ideas for decorations for the tree:

A Simple Paper Tree Ornament

This web page has a tutorial for a simple paper paper tree to hang on your real tree. What a cute decoration.

Beaded Ornaments

These are fun and simple tree decorations to make.

Button Wreath Ornament

This is a cute little ornament that would be very simple to make.

Festive Paper Pines

Here is a really nice idea for making trees using a hole punch and construction paper.

Festive Photo

Here is another really cute way to incorporate photos into your tree decorations.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

This web page has a wonderful little tutorial on how to make some simple, but classy photo ornaments.

Paper Drops

These simple paper ornaments from construction paper make an elegant tree decoration.

Puzzle Tree

If your house is anything like ours, you have puzzles that have lost pieces and should be thrown out. I always hate to throw them out (thinking that there must be a use for them) and now I have finally found a way to use them up.

Ribbon Candy Ornaments

This is a very simple craft using decorative ribbon and some thread to make a pretty tree ornament.

Here are some ideas for decorations to use around the house:

Christmas Choir

I saw these really cute Christmas people made out of toilet paper rolls and thought that it might be a nice idea to use when making a nativity.

Christmas Tree Sun Catcher

I absolutely love this idea. It is so simple and requires very little supplies, but produces an amazing decoration.

Easy Christmas Tree Craft

This is an amazing and simple craft made from Styrofoam cones and tissue paper.  WOW! It looks so elegant.

Fabric Trees

What a cute little tutorial for making fabric trees. I love these. I have also seen similar tutorials for paper trees.

I had tons of fun looking for ideas of things for us to make as Christmas approaces and I hope you enjoyed having a look at them with me.

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