Elisha’s Highlights

I thought since Elisha does many different things during his days I would post some of those highlights in a separate post.

Elisha has been very interested in researching family trees and genealogy. He has researched his own family tree on both sides and created charts on the computer. He has researched various other people’s family trees through the Internet and created charts for them as well. He has researched Barack Obama, William the Conquerer, Henry the 8th, Bill Gates, basically all the US Presidents, the Emperor of Japan, Elizabeth the 2nd, and Julius Ceasar to name a few. He has been fascinated by the ages of people and who is in the family trees.

Elisha has also researched flooding and water depths. He was outside drawing with sidewalk chalk a land that was being flooded and began discussing with a neighbour the rate at which the water was rising. The neighbour commented later how refreshing that conversation was for him.

That’s about all for now.

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