Changes to our site…

We are still working on some design tweaking. I wanted to point out some major changes, so you can find the things that you are looking for when you come here.

Today, we changed around the navigation buttons across the top.  I added two new buttons (and moved the About Us and Contact Us – more about those in a minute).

First, I want to tell you about the Homeschool 4 Free button. I used to have a blog – (it’s still there if you want to visit it, but it will be moving here!). I started to move everything from there to which was lost in the great computer crash of 2009! We will be redirecting that domain to this website and all of that information that was there will be located here. If you want to check out all the free resources that I have gathered from on-line, please use that button. I will be updating those as I can.

Second, I wanted to share about my Kid Links button that has been added to the navigation bar. The Kid Links button is where I send my kids to visit the Internet. You might be interested in previewing the links that are there and choosing whether or not they work for your family. I will be organizing that page as time goes on.

Now back to the About Us and Contact Us links. Those two links are not missing… they are now located in the More Pages section on the right hand sidebar.

I hope that all of that above makes sense. If you get lost or can’t find something, please let me know.

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