2009 Free Downloads


Let me tell you a story while you are waiting for me to finish getting the downloads back up online. (They are all back up now…)

We have constant computer troubles around here – you wouldn’t even believe it – okay, maybe you would?

Last Christmas we lost everything on our hard drive due to a computer crash. It is still sitting on a dusty hard drive waiting to see if it can be recovered (we are hoping and praying – it has all the baby pictures on it).

I used to have a mac laptop. The power cord died, we replaced it and it died again. My six year old spilled water all over it and killed the keyboard (I couldn’t type the middle row of keys) and then the circuit board went.

We salvaged the contents of the hard drive and threw it on my husband’s computer. Then wiped the hard drive and put it in his laptop (the hard drive in it died when the same six year old had dropped the computer – completely by accident). We reformatted the mac hard drive and shoved it in this laptop and it worked! Then I started working on his laptop. The power cord died and we all shared a computer while we waited for money to replace it.

Then the server crashes and we lose everything – not just www.sunflowerschoolhouse.com, but a few others that we were hosting also. This time we really did lose everything, all of the back up files were empty! We had to use my son’s computer in order to get a working server back online (he wasn’t too happy about it – hopefully we can pick up another USED one ASAP). Then we just get the server back online and my wireless stick dies. Then my son’s wireless stick (which I borrowed) dies. So, we finally replace those and get back to work on restoring the websites again. It has been no easy road.

All of that to say… the downloads are scattered on various hard drives. I have found 55 of them so far – and I do know where the others are – I just have to grab them and put them altogether before I start uploading them.

I will have to put them in alphabetical order this time – which may make things more confusing for those of you who have downloaded here before (I do apologize for that in advance).

You might be happy to know that I found tons of scattered unfinished projects. I did some housekeeping on my computer and now I have a folder full of “in progress pieces” to complete as I have time. Lots of good ideas in there.


(I think these are all the downloads that were up before, please let me know if you think I am missing anything. )

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