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I want to take this time to welcome you to my garden in the heart of the city. We have carved out a little niche of paradise to grow our fruits (well, strawberries) and veggies. This will be our third year having our little urban garden. A few months ago we thought we might be skipping this year (due to twins on the way and due in 5 short weeks) but I think gardening is in our blood and gives us sanity. Unfortunately this year hubby will be doing most of the work while I give directions from the sidelines. He doesn’t mind though (I hope!). I told him we could skip the garden this year and he almost panicked. When we left the garden in the fall we didn’t prepare it for winter or anything. We just left everything the way it was. Well, I am simply amazed and what survived and is growing again.

Our celery, spinach, and swiss chard made it through the winter and kept our guinea pigs happy with nice fresh greens. They have actually started growing like crazy again.

Our strawberries are producing nice green leaves (I honestly thought they were dead!). Our rhubarb came back to life (can you say – Strawberry Rhubarb PIE!!!).

Many of our herbs survived and are coming back to life – just need to figure out what they are again because our 3 small gardeners have moved the id tags (some of them are easy to figure out – but some, not so easy). I will have a closer look at the herbs when I trim them and divide them.

We have some of our scarlet runner beans planted already and need to get some more in the ground soon. We have seeds coming out of our ears and hope to get them in the ground soon.

The sunflower seeds are planted. We didn’t plant them last year (I don’t remember what lame excuse I had last year) but this year we planted at least a dozen plants.

We have planted two little plots of flowers (for now). We need most of our space for things we can eat (which was the main reason for this crazy adventure in the first place). We have a small plot by the front door where we planted our bulbs (gathered from the side of the road free by my husband and from my sister’s yard last year when we helped her dig out her flower beds) and a large variety of flower seeds. This flower bed was one that was constantly bothered by the plethora of neighborhood cats. Having finally sifted through the dirt and added compost, manure, and more compost we were able to actually get something to grow. YIPPEE! We have one small area in front of the sunflowers in the back yard where some flower seeds were planted as well. We used the taller flower seeds for the backyard (2-3 foot flowers) although at this point I can’t for the life of me remember what the seeds were I do look forward to seeing them grow.

We have not really started to plant the rest of the veggies yet although we plan to do that in the next few weeks (staggered hopefully). The last two years beans and tomatoes have done very well in our garden so we will definitely be planting those again. This year we actually have a deep freeze so we can work more on storing things rather than trying to eat everything before it goes bad. Last year we didn’t have enough beans to go around (the kids kept eating them off right off the plant before we could gather them to cook for a meal – not really a bad thing) and we had more tomatoes than we could use. I looking forward to seeing if any of the many tomatoes that dropped in the yard will produce fruit this year. I rescued many tomato plants from a garage sale last year and they produced all kinds of heirloom tomatoes (which would be really nice if they would come back on their own).

We have some plants in pots too. We have a few hostas which I thought had died, but they were very much alive under a whole bunch of really large weeds. We have a fusha bush which has grown like crazy. We have a fern which I haven’t had a very good look at yet. We have a variety of other plants out there in pots that I need to re look up (I think I wrote their info down somewhere – I thought I would remember it for sure). We planted all of our special plants in pots so we could move them more easily (not that we are planning on moving anytime soon!).

So our goals for the yard – if you can call it that – are to tidy up and get it nice and kid friendly (on the small cement slab that is our patio), make room for the bbq (which hubby has been waiting patiently to purchase), and get things planted. No small feat considering the twins could make their arrival in as little as 5 weeks.

One thing we learned last year was that the planning takes time and the harvest takes time, but the maintenance in between is fairly simple (water, weed, and stagger plantings). So if we can get things in the ground the garden should be fairly simple until we need to harvest.

I hope to keep you updated on our little piece of paradise right in the heart of the city.


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