Elisha worked on some pre tests for math.

Elisha visited the Learning Calendar Website and discovered that it was national Playdoh Day. He went to the wiki and read more about the history of Playdoh.

Elisha and Malachi helped sort and take out the recycling.

Malachi helped serve lunch. We had a discussion about food groups in relation to our lunch. We had a discussion about manners and how to sit properly on chairs (we have issues with keeping the legs of the chair on the floor).

The boys played with balls and a hula hoop outside.

We had calendar time and reviewed the calendar. We discussed the weather – sunny – and worked on our weather graphs. Elisha is working on some additional calendar worksheets.

The boys worked on their printing workbooks.

Malachi worked on Get Ready For The Code. He did really well following directions.

The boys did math worksheets. Elisha worked on some addition review and started some multiplying. Moses did some counting review. Malachi worked on long and short, some basic counting, etc.

The boys continued to work on their window clings. These will need at least one more day.

A grade 1 homeschooler and her family came for a visit and play time. Everyone enjoyed time outside in the backyard. They played in the sandbox, picked beans and tomatoes, and had a snack together.

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