Papa read a Bible story (creation) to the Elisha and Malachi and discussed it with them.

We had a group discussion about foods and food groups before the boys had their lunch.

Elisha worked on a puzzle.

Elisha drew a picture with felt pens.

Lorraine read a book – “Where’s That Reptile?” to Malachi.

The boys did calendar time. I introduced the Calendar. We talked about the days of the week and the months of the year. We discussed the weather and started a weather graph. We did an AB pattern with purple and red on our September calendar. We discussed all the birthdays in our family. We worked on a birthday graph as a group. We worked on some calendar pages from Learning Page. Elisha was really excited about the calendar worksheets and asked for more.

The boys worked on our penmanship books from Handwriting Without Tears.

Malachi completed 4 math worksheets.

Elisha and Malachi started working on creating some window clings.

The boys went on a community walk to the grocery store with my mom.

The boys played at the playground with my mom.

Elisha was playing and communicating with another boy at the park (comment by Lorraine).

The boys played in the sandbox.

Moses worked alone with me on creating his window cling.

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