We picked up garden seeds from a lady on freecycle and had a discussion about recycling, reusing.

The boys sorted and helped take out the recycling.

We had a grocery store field trip. This included a discussion with boys about healthy foods on their gfcf diet. Elisha and Moses were very helpful in putting the foods in the carts and onto the conveyor. We spent considerable time looking at the flowers and plants and had a discussion about what things to plant in our homeschool garden for the fall. We also had various discussions about choosing healthy snacks as we went through the store.

We ended our day with a restful time at Beacon Hill Park. The boys played with other children. They had creative play with Elisha pretending to travel around the world and Moses pretending to travel through time. Malachi was very engaging with the other children.

We had a group discussion about things to learn things to learn this year in our homeschool.

We had a discussion about strangers.

The boys worked on cleaning and organizing their bedrooms for the furnace men coming in the morning to clean the ducts.

We have some very nice pictures of the park to add here…

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