This Week…


Well, this last week has slipped by so quickly… I will list the things we did.

We had a guinea pig die this week so we had a discussion about death.

We worked on Calendar Time. I purchased a large calendar and we taped the numbers to the days for September. It was easier for the kids to have something to interact with physically.

We discussed the months of the year, the days of the week, the seasons, etc.

We have discussed the weather and worked on our weather charts.

We have worked on our printing books.

We have worked on Math.

We have worked on Language Arts.

We went to the store and picked out our fall flowers and vegetables to plant. We have started the planting.

We have had lots of playtime outside. We are making the most of any sunny days that come our way.

Malachi is showing an interest in photography and wanting to take pictures of everything. (I will post some of his photos here eventually).

We went to the pet store and purchased goldfish for our new tanks. One goldfish died so we discussed death again – and – went back to the pet store for a replacement.

The boys watched a documentary about the moon.

Elisha has visited Nova and studied astronomy.

The boys all made robots out of cardboard boxes.

Malachi made meatloaf and meatballs with me.

The boys have been creating scenes and planning to make a movie with their army men and various other toys.

That is about all I can remember for now… if I think about anything else, I will add it.

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