This Week…

This was our last week before portfolios were due and we wanted to work really hard and get all of our little bits and pieces finished, but the kids got hit with colds (drippy noses and bad colds). So, what is done is done and everything else will have to wait until next term.

The boys continued to work on the basics: weather, calendar, language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Elisha and Malachi went to the barber with Papa. Moses went with Grandma on a different day.

We have been studying the Armour of God and completing notebook activities.

We had a playdate with another homeschool family.

Elisha watched nasa videos.

The boys watched a dvd about Jeremiah.

Elisha watched the dvd Expelled.

We completed Remembrance Day activities.

We completed our shoebox exchange and are working this month’s shoebox.

We played a variety of learning games this week…

-moose track math – moses and elisha
-money bags – moses and elisha
-memory – moses and malachi
-go fish – moses and malachi
-abseas – malachi

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