This week…

This week we have still been a bit sick, but I think we might finally be on the mend.

We have been working hard on household routines and teaching the boys to help with chores. In this area our main focus has been to give each boy their own meal to be responsible for. They are the prep helper, table setter, table clearer, dishwasher for their meal. Elisha has breakfast, Moses has lunch, and Malachi has dinner. There has been some protest as we get into the swing of things, but we are persevering.

We have been reading and studying the scripture Philippians 2:14 this week. We have been having some lively discussions while we dissect this verse.

We have been working really hard to eat at the table for meals again. This has been very difficult putting into motion since the twins were born, but we feel it is really important.

We have been working hard on our basic school work.

The boys are still working on their weather graphs to varying degrees of success. When these graphs are finished we will start a new graph – maybe we will try something different?

We have been using our wall calendar and putting up the numbers daily. I found a nice calendar activity on Starfall that Malachi and I worked through. We need to do this a few more times as he really enjoyed it.

The boys have been plugging along in their Handwriting Without Tears printing books. There have been a few tears some days as they work through their books. Malachi struggles with some of his letters as everything is all very new to him, but he works very very hard and doesn’t give up too easily. Elisha hit a road block with lowercase q and thus ended printing for the week.

For Language Arts Malachi and I did the a, b, c, d, e, x, and z on Starfall. We also did the calendar, the pumpkin, and the turkey activities. The boys are plugging along in their Language Arts workbooks.

For math Elisha has been working hard at Math Mammoth 3rd Grade. Moses has been finishing Singapore 1A and various math worksheets and practicing his addition and subtraction with a counter mat. Malachi is still working hard on the numbers 1-5.

For science the boys are still at various degrees of finishing their units for this term. I want everything finished next week. Daddy is preparing to start the Physics Course from Noeo Science with the boys.

For social studies the boys have been working on their Canada unit and will hopefully have more of that completed next week. If it is not completed next week it will be completed before Christmas.

We are working hard to wrap things up for our portfolio meeting on November 14th.

Some special things that have happened…

Shoebox Exchange

We completed our first shoebox exchange with another homeschool family in California. It was very interesting to receive our shoe box and see what the family sent to us. The boys quite enjoyed learning about the little girl we were exchanging with.

We have received our next family already and they have two children and are from Michigan. We have already started packing up our next box. We are trying to find ways to make it more personal.

Potato Print Trees

This week we made leaf prints with potatoes. Then we cut the leaf prints out and glued them on to handprint trees. The trees are hanging in our schoolroom and look beautiful. Elisha was especially into this project and spent a great deal of time getting his tree to look just right.

Heart Shaped Poppies

The boys traced heart shapes and we cut them out and made poppies out of them for Remembrance Day. We have been having discussions about Remembrance Day and hopefully will complete more activities next week.

Christmas Planning

We have been discussing Christmas and are getting ready for our Christmas Unit which will be our focus from the beginning of second term until the end of December. This is when the boys will make all of their cards, gifts, etc and study about the birth of Jesus.

It was a pretty good week.

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