This week…

This week we have all been sick to varying degrees with flu and cough. We have tried to keep up with the basic work as much as possible when little people were not throwing up or feeling icky…

weather graphing (Elisha noted that it has been cloudy a lot)

calendar time (we have discussed the American Election, Remembrance Day, and whether or not we will celebrate the American Thanksgiving – yes, we will – and how it is different from the Canadian Thanksgiving. )

printing (this has been going surprisingly well most days)

language arts (Elisha is working on Wordly Wise 3000, Moses is working on Explode the code 1 and another book I can’t remember the name of right now, and Malachi is working on Get Set For the Code which is book B in the Explode the Code series).

math – Elisha is working on Math Mammoth 3 and has completed a series of worksheets on borrowing and regrouping, Moses is working on Singapore 1A and some basic adding and subtracting review, Malachi is working on learning his numbers 1-5 (we practice counting with everything – potatoes, carrots, plates, cups, etc.). Malachi has also been working on his shapes and colors.

science – The boys have been working on finishing their plant unit and their fish unit.

social studies – The boys have been making progress on their Canada unit.

Elisha helped to make muffins this week from a gluten free casein free mix. They were surprisingly good and we will make them again.

Malachi helped to make gluten free casein free chocolate chip cookies from a mix that also turned out surprisingly well. To my taste they had a strong bean flavour, but the boys didn’t seem to notice or care as they were getting to eat chocolate again.

We have been watching our salad bowl gardens grow even in the cold weather.

Elisha has been watching the peas and onions he planted grow.

There has been discussion between Elisha and I again about planting seeds in the early spring to sell. He is always looking at ways to start a business or make some money. We will be discussing this further and we are saving egg cartons for seed trays.

Daddy and the boys cut the top off of a pumpkin and dug out the seeds. We discussed the seeds. We made pumpkin soup and pumpkin mashed potatoes. Elisha and Malachi built a mosaic out of the pumpkin rinds out on the back deck. The boys have been watching a whole pumpkin rot out in the back yard.

Daddy and the boys all made paper pumpkins with faces on them. They enjoyed this very much.

We have all enjoyed sitting in front of the fish tank and staring at the fish. We have had discussions about the fish and the tank. We are still trying to identify the fish that we inherited from our neighbour. We have also had discussions about getting a few more fish for our tank as well as a larger hiding spot for the catfish (who is nocturnal).

That is about for this week.

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