This Week…

This will be a short post as we have all been sick recently and I just don’t have energy to remember what we did this week.

The boys have worked on their regular school work – calendar time, weather, phonics, language arts, math, printing, etc.

We have inherited a larger aquarium for our fish from a neighbour who was moving. The boys have spent lots of time watching the new fish and the snails.

Here is an observation from Elisha and Daddy: There were three snails laying eggs in a row. One would lay his eggs and turn around and eat the next snails eggs. The other snails would eat each others eggs. A fish came along and ate the snails eggs too.

We are participating in a shoebox exchange with a family from Huntington Beach, CA. We have been busy gathering things for the shoebox. I will post pictures of the shoebox after she receives it (so we don’t give away the surprise). We have been discussing things that we will include in future shoeboxes (this is an ongoing project). The boys made cards for the shoebox project.

We had been planning to go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins, but since everyone has been sick we decided just to purchase a pumpkin for each of the boys. We will hopefully be drawing on them this week and then cooking them.

We had a formal family dinner (with Grandma and Grandpa) to practice manners etc. Grandma brought a fancy table cloth and a fancy candle holder. The boys helped to set the table. Elisha was in a horrid mood that day so it did not go over as well as it could have. He is miserable when he is sick. We will be practicing this more.

Our salad bowl gardens are slowly growing despite the cold weather. The seeds we planted not to long ago actually sprouted. The boys are observing the changes.

Our fall garden in the front is growing and things that we never planted are sprouting through the soil. The boys have been observing the garden and it’s changes.

We have been discussing fall and the leaves. Malachi has been picking up leaves and giving them to me as gifts.

Elisha has been to and has been studying the maps of North America. Elisha has been playing a computer game called Oval Office. Elisha has worked on a computer programming project with Jonah.

That is all I can think of now. It was a relatively quiet week with everyone being sick and we stuck to just working on the basics.

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