This week…

The boys helped with cleaning and preparing the house for Thanksgiving.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with grandma and grandpa and auntie and uncle and cousins. The boys played outside with their cousins until it got dark and then they played inside with their dress-up clothes. The power went out while we were cooking dinner so we got out all the cangles and had a great discussion about what life was like when there was no power.

Elisha has spent time reading to Hosanna. He has changed Hosanna and Zions’ bums and their outfits. He enjoys playing with them and talking to them. He enjoys holding the babes and is always very gentle with them.

Elisha has spent more time on brainpop this week.

The boys have had the flu/colds with coughs, fevers and achies.

The boys have been consistently helping with taking out the trash and the recycling.

The boys have been playing outside every nice day that we get (sometimes with the neighbour children). Moses and Malachi have taken to climbing trees.

Elisha and Moses have spent time working on a Canada Unit Study.

Elisha and Moses have spent time working on their fish unit.

Elisha, Moses, and Malachi have been working on their printing and language arts.

Malachi has been learning his alphabet.

Moses and Malachi have been doing math with a candy counting mat. Malachi has been learning how to count to five (and one to one relations). Moses has been reviewing basic adding.

Elisha has been working on the chapter tests for Math.

Elisha went on a field trip to the grocery store with grandpa.

As a family we are participating in a regular shoebox exchange with other homeschool families. Our family for October lives in Huntington Beach, CA. We have discussed what to send her and have begun gathering the items.

The boys have been working on learning how to do house chores.

The boys have been learning how to interact with the babes. Elisha loves changing babes. Elisha, Moses, and Malachi enjoy holding the babes. Malachi loves kissing the babes and enjoys snuggling and playing with them.

We have been organizing the homeschool area. Everyone has been working really hard to keep it clean and organized.

The boys all enjoyed a playdate with another homeschool family.

The boys have been playing dress up.

Elisha has been on National Geographic watching videos. Elisha has also played scrabble on the computer and another spelling game.

Malachi has used Tux Paint.

The boys walked with Jonah to a neighbourhood pet store and spent time looking at the animals. They enjoyed clownfish, starfish, turtles, tarantulas, snakes, guinea pigs, and a coral reef among other things.

That’s about all for this week…

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