This week…

This week has been very busy with lots of life learning…

We had a mini family reunion when my grandma’s sister and her daughter came to town. It was a great family get together with my grandmother, her sister, her sister’s daughter, my mom and dad, my sister and her three kids and my husband and children. The boys got to visit with their relatives and had a great time playing with their cousins.

We had dinner and a visit with family friends. Elisha and Jonah went to the grocery store to choose the food for dinner. The boys got to play with their 4 children.

We went to the store as a family to try on and purchase shoes for the boys. Every fall the kids all get new runners. That was quite an adventure sizing all the boys and trying on shoes. Elisha and I discussed with the shoe sales person the difference between children’s shoe sizes and adults shoe sizes. We also discussed the fact that children’s shoes are double the price of adult shoes even when there is only one size difference.

As a family (including grandpa) we went to a community Thanksgiving Dinner and then the boys went with grandpa to play at the park.

We found a free exersaucer for the twins and went as a family to pick it up. We discussed giving and recycling. On the way home we were discussing all the apples on the ground (on a certain street) and then we came across two boxes of free apples. This brought about a discussion about fall. We also discussed how to prepare the apples and what we should make with them (applesauce to freeze). We stopped on the way home to purchase cinnamon. We also talked about worms that could get into the apples.

The boys spent time playing outside in the leaves with the neighbourhood children. They were gathering leaves and making a pile (in hopes to jump into it). We have discussed the leaves and even smelled the leaves (thank Elisha for this one) and one of them smelled very interesting.

We have discussed that the weather is getting colder and we need to wear jackets and dress appropriately so we don’t get too cold.

Elisha hand printed out a list of books he wants me to buy for him from the Usbourne Catalogue.

Elisha, Moses and Malachi spent considerable amount of time reading our new books.

Elisha spent a great deal of time reading and studying a map book of Victoria and Vancouver Island. He commented on various places that we had been and shared places that he would like to go. He has also been taking the map book in the car and following along as we drive.

The boys have all spent time using a Legoland and a Lego Creator computer program.

Malachi and I have been having discussions about who is in our family. He is very possessive about “OUR” babies and wants to tell everyone about them and that they are ours.

We have spent time discussing the calendar and the weather. As a family we are planning to go to a pumpkin patch and choose pumpkins. We have been watching the pumpkins ripen in the fields as we drive by them every week.

As a family we went to a fall sharing closet where families bring clothes they no longer need to share with other families. The boys played with other homeschool children and looked through the clothing and toys to choose some things to bring home.

Malachi and I have spent time going through a special alphabet book.

Malachi has been very interested in holding the babies and talking to them. Malachi has spent time playing with the babies this week.

Elisha has been very interested in the babies. This week he has helped with diaper changes and playing with the babies.

Moses does not have much interest in the babies yet, but we are working on it.

Malachi has started learning to count with a candy jar math mat and candies that I made. It is great. Malachi really enjoyed this time.

Moses practiced adding with the candy jar mat. We had some great one on one time and he did very well with his adding.

Elisha has spent time visiting brainpop this week.

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