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This morning Malachi and I had a wonderful teaching moment. He came into my room and asked to hold Zion. While Malachi was holding Zion we discussed families. He told me that we had two babies. He told me that I was the mommy. He told me that Hosanna would grow up to be a mommy and Zion would grow up to be a daddy. We discussed what mommies and daddies do. He told me that daddies go to work and mommies have babies. He also told me that he wants more babies after Zion and Hosanna grow up. He loves babies. We discussed jobs that daddies do. At this moment he wants to be a policeman and catch bad guys and a fireman. He would also like to work at McDonald’s so he can eat french fries.

We have spent time talking about our calendar. The new calendar is working out well. We switched the months on the calendar and discussed Fall and the change in weather. We have discussed Thanksgiving and how we will celebrate. We have discussed Halloween and why we don’t celebrate. We have discussed Halloween alternatives (Harvest Parties etc) but have not made a decision yet. We found a place to hang the calendar on the wall (so that we can take it down easily).

We have spent time printing in our printing books. Everyone is moving along well. Elisha is motivated to work hard because he wants to get to the place where he can learn cursive (yeah!).

Malachi has been working hard to learn his letters. He is doing well. We have been looking at alphabet flashcards, working on Get Ready for the Code, and doing various other alphabet and beginning phonics worksheets and activities.

Malachi has been working on learning his numbers from one to ten. This week Malachi and I counted potatoes and carrots for a stew. Malachi and I counted apples for a picnic lunch we packed. Moses and Elisha have been doing various math worksheets. Moses has does some work with patterns. The boys spent some time building with Magnetix. Elisha is working on multiplication. Moses is working on reviewing his basic adding and subtracting.

We have started to grow sprouts in a jar. Right now we are growing Sunflower Seeds, Broccoli Seeds, and Beet Seeds. We read the directions and gathered our materials. The boys have observed the seeds sprouting and watched them grow.

The boys are observing our fish on a daily basis.

The boys helped prepare the dirt for the salad bowl garden by mixing composting guinea pig poop and bedding with composted manure. The boys helped with the planting of the salad bowl garden. Along with planting plants (lettuce, swiss chard and raspberry dressing) in the pots they also put in seeds (radishes, green onions, spinach, and more lettuce).

The boys helped as we started our fall backyard cleanup. We need to continue to work on this when we have another dry day.

We also found a place to hang up the new map of Canada (so that we can take it down easily to have a closer look at it).

The boys have spent time this week building with Lego and K’nex.

The boys have also spent time this week creating and acting out war scenes with their army men (dramatic play).

I was recently given a large amount of dress up clothes from another homeschool mom of boys. The boys have been exploring the dress up clothes and really enjoying being creative and dramatic.

Elisha has completed his mini fish unit. Elisha has begun working on his mini plant unit. Moses and Malachi will begin work on these soon.

The boys have been showing more and more interest in the babies now that they are laughing and smiling back. They have been asking to hold the babies and are developing relationships with them.

The boys have been helping with recycling and garbage duties on a regular basis.

The boys help to feed the guinea pigs and spend time observing them and interacting with them.

Malachi has been working really hard at making his bed everyday (and is very excited and proud to tell me about it every morning).

The boys spent time outside playing as much as the weather would allow this week.

I will add more if I can think of anything else.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if you still had a link for your army phonics card. I had it in my favorites but on a different computer so I can not find it . I have three young guys who would love to learn with their favorite toys. Thanks, Liz

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