The Weather…

It seems like the weather just does not know what it is doing. On days when we can’t possibly get out into the garden the sun shines bright. When we finally have time to work it pours rain or is very cold and windy. I want my spring! Things are growing slowly, but they are growing.

On the agenda for today is to get a few more bean seeds into the ground. This may seem like an easy task requiring only a few minutes, so why then is it taking us days to pop outside and do this? We have some scarlet runner beans planted in the ground already (that were started in the house by the kids), but wanted to plant a few more plants so we have enough bean yield this year.

On the agenda for this weekend (maybe Friday) is getting some potting soil and starting some tomato plants and herbs and a few other things to sprout by the kitchen window. If the weather is nice we may actually get some more planting done in the garden. Pepper plants were on sale somewhere this week – we tried last year, but they didn’t do well.

We were privileged to give away some of our bounty of seeds and a mountain of plant pots to people requesting them on freecycle. We still have tons of seeds that we can offer (but will wait until we are done planting for this year).

My focus this year is on the edibles – If we can’t eat it, I don’t want to grow it! Okay, that is not entirely true. I have a small flower bed in the front and a small flower bed in the back and a few pots with special plants. Since I only have a very small veggie garden I need to keep that strictly for growing veggies.

Happy Gardening.

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