The Breast Pump Lady

The twins are three months old (yesterday) and I turned in my rented breast pump today as we are totally breastfeeding now. I just wanted to put in a plug for my awesome breast pump lady Carol Arndt.

Carol Arndt: Egnell Breast Pump Rental Service
Telephone: 250-812-7370
Fax: 250-652-4843
7640 E. Saanich Road
Saanichton, BC V8M 1L8

If you need a breast pump I would highly recommend renting from her. When I was in the hospital after the birth of my twins she answered my call promptly and delivered the pump to my hospital room the same day.

It felt sad to give up the pump, but I am happy to know that I was successful at getting them completely off of formula and completely onto breastfeeding. That story is another post for another time.

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