Meal Planning

Elisha helped with menu planning today. He helped decide what foods we would eat for breakfast and lunch on a weekly basis. He has been put in charge of getting breakfast ready (basically just heating it up) and serving it to the boys since he is the first one up in the morning and always starving. We still need to decide what days we will eat the food. We eat GFCF so all of the foods we eat are made from GFCF recipes and foods.

Here is our list of breakfast menus:

~pancakes, sausages, fruit, juice
~hard boiled eggs, fruit, juice
~breakfast cups, fruit, juice
~breakfast skillet, fruit, juice
~cold cereal, sausages, fruit, juice
~french toast, sausages, fruit, juice
~mom and dad’s choice (Saturday Breakfast)

Here is our list of lunch menus:

~spaghetti, veggies
~chicken fingers, wedge fries, honey mustard dip, veggies
~meatballs, wedge fries, honey mustard dip, veggies
~chili and rice, veggies
~tostitos and tuna dip, veggies
~rice cakes, peanut butter, veggies
~mom and dad’s choice (Sunday Lunch)

This won’t begin until the next grocery day.

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