Early Morning Thoughts…

As I was lying on my bed this morning, rocking the babes back to sleep in their little chairs beside me, I realized how quiet it was in the house. I am guessing it was around three or four in the morning. It was so peaceful. The birds were just starting to chirp and the sun was just coming up. It was so quiet I could actually process my thoughts. I wanted to grab the laptop and write about what I was feeling, but instead I rolled over and went back to sleep. It is quiet now, but not the same. There is traffic, babies fussing (not crying, just cranky), little household noises and such. I love those quiet moments every morning when the babes wake just before dawn to nurse. It is so beautiful to have just a tiny bit of time where the house is quiet enough to actually hear the thoughts in my head. I sometimes enjoy those moments in the evening after the children have gone to sleep. Quite often the babes will nurse all evening and by the time the quiet comes I am too tired to enjoy it. It is nice to process your thoughts without them being interrupted which happens so often around here. My thoughts now are being distracted by babes that need to nurse again.

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