A Few Thoughts From Today…

We had planned on “officially” starting the new school year yesterday, but everyone (Mom, Malachi, and the twins) has been sick with a flu/cold for the week so we are easing into our routine. My mom (Lorraine) could not come yesterday or today since her back is out again and she caught our nasty little flu/cold bug.

Today we went for a walk to the community centre and had lunch. We continued our walk and went to the community garden and played at the park. After the park we carried on to the grocery store (to use the potty) and sit and have a snack.

After our community walk we went to Willows Beach to explore for the rest of the afternoon. We took our beginning of the year photos. When we got home from our adventures the boys had baths and headed to bed all tuckered out.

I will be posting some photos soon.

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