Story Of The World

We tried to do this program last year. We enjoyed what we did do, but we didn’t get very far. I think the main reason was having to photocopy the student pages and type out the questions. Well, I simplified that for this year. I purchased the prepackaged student pages and the tests. I put them all into a binder. We are going to work through them. The only thing I need to do is type out the activity instructions – which hopefully will go fairly quickly. They are just simple instructions about what to do on the map and activity pages.

Elisha and I worked on completing the tests from previous lessons. He circled the multiple choice and did the true and false and I printed the words for his answers. We have a couple more lessons to catch up on and then he will start doing the work more independently (I am hoping). He has a really good memory and remembered things we studied towards the beginning of last year. I am amazed. I look forward to continuing this curriculum with him.

For this curriculum we have purchsaed the following

-The Story of the World Volume 1
-The Activity Book Volume 1
-The Student Pages Volume 1
-Test and Answer Book Volume 1
-The Audio CD’s Volume 1

The website seems to be lacking some of these products right now, but you can check it out anyways if you want to.

We love this curriculum.

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