Sick again

About two to three weeks ago I had strep throat. Then my mom got it. Then my sister got it. Now I have a sore throat again and am feeling aweful. I was going to go to the clinic yesterday but I couldn’t find the car keys. I am not sure if I want to go today or if I just want to sleep.

It has been really hot here and Moses was up most of the night complaining about the heat. Jonah did buy a fan yesterday and it has made a big difference in the temperature upstairs.

Yesterday the older two boys helped clean up the basement by picking up toys. The landlords are inspecting the water heater and replacing the furnace filter today.

Elisha has been doing extra chores to earn money. He has a toy or something that he wants to get.

The boys dug out the duplo yesterday and hav been building with it. They have come up with some amazing creations.

Elisha has been having some behaviour issues today. I am not sure what is going on. I think he needs some quiet down time so I will try to arrange that today. It is also very hot so that may have something to do with it.

Malachi has a cough now which might need to be looked at if it gets worse.

Elisha and Moses spent some time with the guinea pig girls last night. We have a grid we set up for the piggies to run in. Elisha set the whole thing up, he put the paper down and climbed in. I put the girl piggies down in the grid. He was able to pet and play with them. This will be a great opportunity for him to learn to control his movements. He has to move slowly and be sure of where the piggies are to keep them safe. Moses and Elisha took turns. They both enjoyed playing with the piggies.

My mom, the boys, and I spent the last two days sorting and organizing. It took a lot of work. I can’t believe how much stuff was stored on the old desks. These new desks are great. We still need to do some more work to get completely organzied.

I received another box of curriculum from Winter Promise. I spent about an hour sorting through it. I am loving everything so far.


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