Organizing Our Home

We are trying to make our house more functional without spending a lot of money (that we don’t have). I have been searching the free sites in my area to find the things we need. Jonah is picking up 2 corner desks today. These will be placed into our living room. His and hers desks so to speak. We are still looking for one more desk for Malachi. Then we will begin the search for dressers. We need one for the hall closet upstairs to hold the pillow cases, sheets, etc. We need one for our bedroom for Jonah’s clothing (he has taken over my dresser). We need one for the basement to put all of the boys out of season clothing in. This will sit right beside the washer and dryer. The weather here is so unpredictable that yesterday the boys were wearing shorts and t-shirts and today they could use sweat shirts and pants. We are still in need of bookshelves for the reading room upstairs, the kitchen and the basement. Some of these may need to be purchased so they fit in the space properly.


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