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Jonah and I spent 3 hours out in the garden last night. We were trying to get it ready for the garden contest judging tomorrow morning. He worked on this icky area by the back gate digging up bark mulch and laying down stones. I worked weeding, composting, and cutting off dead leaves etc. Of course it is raining today. I don’t have any choice but to get outside and spend most of the day in the rain working on the garden. That’s what happens when you get sick and can’t tend to the little jobs, they build up and become big jobs. I need to go buy more manure today so I can finish the job out there. We purchased some ant traps to hopefully curb the overflow of ants which are carrying other bug eggs all over the garden. We also bought some sticky traps to catch the aphids, but I am not sure if they will work in the rain? They were quite sticky and bright yellow. Everything looks so much better after it has been cleaned up and tidied up. We attached the cucumber to the string so it can vine. One leg of it was already growing up the string, we just had to redirect the other two legs and give them a little help. I had some garden Velcro – soft on one side and bristle on the other side – and we used that. It worked well for the squash. I will be ripping up the corn tonight as it has stopped growing and the fruit is not very big. I think the zucchini took over all the nutrients in that area. I have several empty squares and I am not sure what to plant in them. We had tried to plant turnips and rutabaga and beets but they are not doing as well as I would have liked by now. We can always try again with those next year. Well, the power went out and came back on. That was weird.

All for now.

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