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Wow! A lot of posts about our garden. This morning they are judging the gardens. I just want to present the best that I can. I have never been in a garden contest before. This is only my second year gardening. I never would have imagined how much work would go into a garden. I thought you just plant and forget. Well, when you plant and forget the weeds come. The bugs flock to your space. Last night Jonah and I spent another 3 hours on the garden. We were weeding and mulching and planting. I was very aggressive in the garden. I ripped up the corn and two zuchini plants. In their place I planted three brussel sprouts and three cauliflower. In the other empty squares on the other side of the garden I planted six cabbage that Elisha bought with his own money (there is a story to this) and three more cabbage and three more brussel sprouts. In this area I had to pick through the dirt and remove rocks and add composted sheep’s manure (the fertilizer of the day). This was hard work and I did it all by hand without gloves. I love the feel of dirt. And just for the record composted sheep’s manure is just like dirt and has no smell. The garden looks great but there is still so much work to do. The boys are up now and distracting my thoughts. I will try to get through this and then I need to make them breakfast and get them settled with activities so I can go outside and finish working. I still need to put the plants back on the shelf outside, arrange all the plants in pots along the edge of the garden, move all the empty plant pots to the basement, clear all the garden table, and sweep. Then there will be the final checks of everything, a quick water, and some photographs for posterity (or maybe just for this blog). I have just over three hours to do all the garden work, prepare breakfast, and get showered and dressed. Panic!

Oh yes, and I had one story to tell you about Elisha and our trip out yesterday. Elisha was in a weird mood yesterday. It was like three’s a crowd around here. The boys just could not get along. I decided to take Elisha with me to get the manure and plants. He was so excited. We went to Walmart to buy manure. It was only 2.00 a bag. I bought two large bags thinking that would be enough. Well, I could have used at least one more bag. Anyways… we decided to go to a garden centre – Marigold Nurseries . That place is amazing. The prices are good. The service was friendly. The plant material is very quality. After some wandering and looking at all the flowers we found the remains of the veggies. One row. There were strawberries (okay, they are not a vegetable), tomatoes, peppers, vegetable gardens in a bucket, herb gardens in a bucket, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and herbs. Elisha loved looking around. He was reading all of the labels and really interested. I need to take him back again when we have a longer time just to browse. We made our selections and then went to pay. He wanted to pay for something. He chose the cabbage to pay for. He counted out his money and gave it to the lady. He was very distracted by all the stimuli. He had a very good time.

Okay, off to make breakfast for the boys who all quietly went upstairs to play. It is so quiet down here again. They never do this. I like it. I am sure that I will post more after I am finished my work this morning. Pictures won’t get posted until tonight at the earliest.


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