Life and such.

It is Moses’ birthday today. I can’t believe he is 6 already. Man, time sure flies by. I remember when he was a baby. He was hungry all the time – well – nothing’s really changed there. LOL. He is a very creative story teller. He loves to dance and move. He loves to blow up. Yes literally blow up – the sounds, the crashes, everything. Happy Birthday Moses! It is Jonah’s birthday on Sunday. Jonah is going to be 28. Still so young, but 2 more years and you hit 30! We are a having a party for both of them tomorrow with just family.

I can’t believe it has been six days since I wrote anything here. Life has been so busy. The boys have been busy doing some unschooling and following their interests. They have spent a lot of time engaging with the following activities.

Pattern Blocks
Busy Bugs
play money
crayons and paper
felt pens and paper
making cars out of cardboard boxes
pretending to be transformers
jumping on the mini trampoline and crash mat
playing with balls
running up and down the stairs

There is probably more I can’t think of right now. I love it when they learn on their own.

Homeschool planning was going well. I took a break and need to get back at it after the weekend. Now that I have my copier I can really get organized. Just trying to work on oraganizing the rest of my stuff.

We ran out of dish soap yesterday. Now, tell me, who does that? I have to catch up on dishes and do some more house cleanup before our party tomorrow.

Need to run, those dishes are calling my name.


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