Homeschooling Again…

Elisha asked to start school again yesterday.

Math Mammoth

I pulled out our math program – Math Mammoth. Elisha is in 2nd grade officially, but he is gifted and is ahead in some areas. I ordered 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade math from Winter Promise.

Since we have never used this program before, it is my intention to start at first grade and review. There are some things we have not covered and also some things covered in new ways. We are hoping to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade before Christmas so that we can move on to Saxon 5/4 (which has dvd lessons and special printed question sheets – so he doesn’t have to do as much writing).

I had the first chapter of Grade 1 printed out. We worked through several pages and it went very well. He is so smart. I think this program will be great. I love the way it deals with one subject at a time.


The boys did paintings yesterday with grandma. They used glitter paint that Moses got for his birthday. They had lots of fun.

The boys used modelling clay on Sunday and built all kinds of creations. It was a great fine motor activity.

Story Of The World

Elisha and I started working on Story of The World Volume 1 last year. I think it would have gone better if I had photocopied everything at once and had it all ready. This year I found the student pages package and the test booklet (we use it as worksheets). I have put those into a binder and will be typing out the instructions for the map work today (hopefully). So much easier than photocopying everything and then having to type out all the questions and instructions. There are not enough hours in my day already, I don’t need to add more work when it has already been done for me. We are using this again and will hopefully finish it this year.

Canada My Country

Elisha will be continuing on in this program and will hopefully finish it before Christmas. I am doing a bit of prep work today to get it ready for him.

Exploring Creation Through Astronomy

This is another program we started last year and did not finish. I really want to get it finished this year so we can move on. I need to spend some time getting it ready for Elisha.

Winter Promise

I have spent some time looking at the guidebooks and getting things ready. I was going to start Malachi on Ready to Learn (preschool) next week, but Elisha changed those plans by wanting to start his programs ahead of schedule. The other boys are asking for school work too. This is a good sign. I can’t wait to start all of our Winter Promise programs.

Hewlett Packard All In One

I am so thankful for my new copier (scanner, printer, etc). I love it. It prints so crisp and clear. I wish I knew the actual name for it. LOL. I am sitting here typing lessons, typing my blog, and copying pages for school. How easy is that? I dreaded having to carry everything to the printers again and then forget something. A copier was so necessary to ensure a smooth school year.

Free Homeschool Materials

I am so blessed by other homeschooling moms. A local mom is moving to the other side of the country and was giving away tons of books and materials for free. I went and poked through all her stuff last night and came away totally blessed.

Other activities…

We are heading to the waterpark this afternoon for some fun. I am meeting my sis and her kids. It should be loads of fun. Hopefully we will get a chance to visit a bit while the kids go crazy in the water.

Elisha got a 300 piece puzzle of the world that he is busy working on right now.

The boys all got transformers which they are learning how to transform – good for the fine motor skills. Even mommy has trouble with these.

The Garden

I need to get out into my garden again tonight after the boys have gone to bed. At last check things were going fairly well.

The garden awards are on Thurdsay. I am really excited, but trying not to think about it. I am also really excited to start some winter planting soon. I can’t wait to try new things.

I will be posting more on the garden. I may even get around to posting some new pictures one of these days.


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