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I want to introduce you to Homeschool Tracker. I have looked at this product and tried to use it last year. I think I made it too complicated. I also think I was not disciplined enough to use it. So, I took the plunge and downloaded it again. I love it this time around. I have three kids to keep track of this year. This is definitely going to help me do that. I have even had passing thoughts of paying for the “Plus” version (but that may have to wait until next year). Before I go on too much further, go check it out. Don’t forget to come back… I’ll wait for you.

I have found this to be way easier than organizing everything myself. So far I have entered lots and found it very easy to use.

Story of the World – so far just the reading portions
Canada My Country – all of it
Math Mammoth 1 – just chapter 1
OT – The Patriarchs – Isaac – Jacob – Joseph – all of it
Primary Math 1A – this week and next week

Still to do – I may just do a few weeks of each subject at a time and see how we do.

Story of the World – activities and tests
Math Mammoth 1 – the rest of it
Exploring Creation With Astronomy – all of it
Ready to Learn – all of it
Animal Worlds – all of it
Prek Language Arts – all of it
1st Grade Language Arts – all of it

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to add things. I was also happy that I could print out individual subjects or days etc. I am hoping to be able to print out my oldest child’s assignment lists for the week and have him check things off as he is done.

This program will be awesome for creating our portfolios this year too. I will be able to keep daily reports (when I am not typing on here) and turn them in.

If you homeschool, I would recommend this program.


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