Gluten Free Casein Free Lifestyle

Here is a very brief introduction to how we came to use the gfcf (gluten free casein free) diet for our family.

Our oldest son has aspergers/autism, adhd and is gifted. We have tried many things and for us this has been the only thing to make a difference in his behaviour and focus.

To make my life simpler we have put the whole family on the diet (although Jonah and I do have things off the diet when we are out without the boys or in the evening when they are sleeping).

When I first started researching this diet I was overwhelmed and thoroughly stressed. There were (and still are) so many lists of foods that you cannot have. The lists of everything you can’t have are so long. I decided to compile a list of things my boys could have. This made my life so much easier. Now when we go shopping I only look for things that are allowed.

When I first started researching I read much about this diet being horribly expensive. I think I have realized why. When we stick to the basics – meat – fruits – vegetables – rice – potatoes – (I will include a full list in a future post.) – it is not out of our price range. Sticking to the basics and NOT recreating junk food keeps the prices down. If you cook from scratch and keep it simple it is very easy to stay on this diet and stay in budget. We do have some treats once in awhile but otherwise we keep our diet very simple and very basic.

I will be adding our basic grocery list here in the near future so you can see all the wonderful things that we can have on this diet.

I will also be adding recipes that I have adapted and/or created to make this diet interesting and fun for the whole family.

Watch for more posts on this topics. Share your comments if there is anything specific you would like to see. Thanks for reading.

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