Getting Organized For Home School…

Those lazy days of summer are slowly disappearing. My how much clutter and disorganization has appeared. I can’t believe summer is almost over. For me, there are some chores that need to be done before we start school again (which will be in the next couple of weeks – just waiting for one more shipment of Winter Promise and a trip to the store to get some odds and ends).

Here are my basic chores for today…

-have a quiet time – I did this
-dishes – I worked on this
-laundry – Elisha helped organize this
-water the garden -Jonah did this when he got home from work
-pick ripe tomatoes -did this right before dinner
-clean kitchen – didn’t get too much done in there – revived the thirsty drooping plants – wiped the counters
-tidy all bedrooms -tidied one bedroom (but it is a mess again)
-organize boys dressers – AGAIN! – didn’t get to this
-clean bathroom -didn’t get to this
-pick up the living room -didn’t get to this
-vacuum the living room -didn’t get to this

Here are the extras that need to get done (like this week)… -didn’t get to any of this

-deal with clutter in the entry way
-deal with clutter in the hall way
-go through shoe box and remove shoes that don’t fit anyone
-organize front hall closet
-deal with clutter on top of the fridge
-deal with clutter on the kitchen counter
-deal with clutter on my desk
-filing and organizing paper clutter
-straighten out homeschool closet
-declutter upstairs hall closet
-purge the toys
-declutter my bedroom (the boys bring stuff in and drop it off)

Okay – it sounds like my house is a disaster! It’s really not. I could have my house company ready in about 1-2 hours and that would be on a bad day. I just have these little hotspots (to borrow a saying from Flylady) that keep catching on fire.

Do you have chores that need to be done before school starts again? Please share and we can encourage each other.


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